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For SaleBrindisi-Casale villa for sale

Brindisi-Casale Villa of 240 sqm whith garden of 7...(more)

€ 280000

For Sale

Brindisi-Commenda: apartment for sale of 120sq whi...(more)

€ 118000

For SaleBrindisi-Commenda apartment for sale

Brindisi-Commenda: apartment for sale of 100 sqm. ...(more)

€ 90000

For SaleBrindisi-Torretta apartment for sale

Brindisi-Torretta: apartment for sale of 115 sqm. ...(more)

€ 140000

For SaleBrindisi-Contrada Montenegro villa for sale

Brindisi-Contrada Montenegro: villa for sale of 17...(more)

€ 175000

For Sale

Brindisi-Commenda: beautiful apartment for sale of...(more)

€ 245000

For SaleBrindisi-Bozzano apartment for sale

Brindisi-Bozzano: apartment for sale of 120 sqm ab...(more)

€ 128000

For SaleBrindisi-Cappuccini apartment for sale

Brindisi-Cappuccini apartment for sale of 143 sqm...(more)

€ 185000

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Important docs needed to buy or to sell a property

Making sure to own all right documents is the first sted for a good and safe real estate transaction

When you are about to buy or sell a property, it is essential to obtain all the necessary documentation to check it's complete regularity. Here are the most important:

Previus Sale deed

First we need to examine the regularity of the act by which the seller has come into possession of the property. 
It may be a deed (deed of sale), a gift or an inheritance. 
We must therefore make sure that the property is not burdened by particular constraints, as any right of pre-emption.

Cadastral data

It's important to verify that the property is regularly stacked to the Land Agency with the right cadastral category of membership, and that the cadastral plan reflects the actual situation. 

Otherwise, it will be necessary that the seller engage a technician to update your register.

Mortgage situation

Another check must be performed at the Real Estate Conservatory Registrar, to verify that the property is not encumbered by mortgages or other detrimental situations such as seizures and foreclosures or who is not involved in litigation. 

Town planning

The property transacted must have been made with a regular building permit or equivalent authorization title. 

If you have carried out illegal building works, shall have been requesting and obtaining a building amnesty. In any case, all works until the signing of the deed must be regular. 

Even in this case, in the presence of some deviations, it must request the regularization by the proprietor before the sale.

Situation condominium

You should check that the seller is in good standing with the payment of expenses, both ordinary and extraordinary, to avoid that the buyer will have to pick his debts and having to retaliate. 

In addition, you should verify that they have been approved at the meeting new extraordinary expenses for work in progress or not yet started.

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