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For SaleBrindisi-Cappuccini apartment for sale

Brindisi-Cappucccini apartment for sale on the fir...(more)

€ 120000

For SaleBrindisi-Bozzano apartment for sale

Brindisi-Bozzano: apartment for sale of 120 sqm ab...(more)

€ 128000

For SaleBrindisi-Minnuta apartment for sale

Minnuta: apartment for sale of 115 sqm whith garag...(more)

€ 145000

For RentMissing Title

Missing Description...(more)

€ 500

For SaleBrindisi-Commenda apartment for sale

Brindisi-Commenda: apartment for sale of 103 sqm. ...(more)

€ 87000

For SaleBrindisi-Casale villa for sale

Brindisi-Casale Villa of 240 sqm whith garden of 7...(more)

€ 280000

For SaleBrindisi-Centre apartment for sale

Centre apartment for sale of 160sqm, the accomodat...(more)

€ 140000

For SaleCasale apartment for sale

Brindisi-Casale apartment for sale of 100 sqm abou...(more)

€ 180000

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About Us

The real estate agency closest to your needs

The purchase of a house and in general of a property is one of the most difficult choices of life, which is why the advice of a real estate broker who is able to assist you during the entire course of the sale represents an opportunity and in many cases a real necessity . Salento Casa Immobiliare will guide you with seriousness and professionalism in the purchase of the house by offering solutions that best meet your needs taking care of the paperwork and legal issues associated with trading.

Salento Casa Immobiliare is a real estate agency rooted in the territory now in a position to provide their clients, be they buyers than sellers , a high degree of excellence in the services, in counseling and in the promotion, with the aim of achieving the best results in the shortest possible time . Integrity, confidentiality, professionalism and competence are the cornerstones of the structure , which can forge real estate agents and consultants of credit extremely qualified and able to respond quickly to all continuous and constant changes in the real estate market. Nothing is left to chance. No question is left unanswered.

Why choose Salento Real Estate House for the promotion of your property

proponi il tuo immobile

Carefully evaluate your property by carrying out an inspection to detect accurately all the details in order to determine a synthetic - comparative evaluation that fully reflects the market value of the same ;
Carring out a detailed photo shoot of your property in order to convey to potential customers, already in the first meeting in our offices, clarity and understanding about all the peculiarities of the object under examination. We use also the photographic material for the promotion of the same through our telecommunication carriers and specialized magazines ;
Highly functional website and detailed for the promotion of our properties , with proven market : for each property we provide pictures , plants, descriptions, location and indication of the price range ;
Our offices are open every day of the week, and our agents grants 24h phone availability to our customers;
Keep our customers informed on the development of advertising and promotion on market response and on any interest and potential negotiation in respect of their property ;
Technical and financial consultants , architects, designers , decorators and even artisans willing to meet you at our offices, free of charge and without obligation ;

Why choose Salento Real Estate House for the purchase of a property

Contacting our office , you can choose between all the different types of properties and the various price ranges for each of them , the one that best suits your space requirements, location and budget ;
Total willingness to carry out visits to the identified property in any day and time of the week in an attempt to respond to your work or family commitments ;
Our offices are open every day of the week, and our agents grants 24h phone availability to our customers;
Once you have found your new home, we will follow you step by step throughout the process , from the negotiation until the time of final purchase , giving you expert advice , real estate and credit to 360 degrees.

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