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For SaleBrindisi-Minnuta apartment for sale

Minnuta: apartment for sale of 115 sqm whith garag...(more)

€ 145000

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Brindisi-Centre: apartment for sale of 120 sqm abo...(more)

€ 118000

For SaleBrindisi-Centreapartment for sale

Brindisi-Centre: apartment for sale of 130 sqm...(more)

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For Sale

Brindisi-Commenda: beautiful apartment for sale of...(more)

€ 245000

For SaleBrindisi-Torretta apartment for sale

Brindisi-Torretta: apartment for sale of 115 sqm. ...(more)

€ 140000

For SaleBrindisi-Casale villa for sale

Brindisi-Casale Villa of 240 sqm whith garden of 7...(more)

€ 280000

For SaleBrindisi-Commenda apartment for sale

Brindisi-Commenda: apartment for sale of 100 sqm. ...(more)

€ 90000

For SaleBrindisi Minnuta Apartment for sale

Brindisi Minnuta apartment for sale, the accomodat...(more)

€ 110000

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Buying or selling a property: how to know

When you want to sell a house is very important to contact a real estate agent who can make a fair assessment of the property for it to be given a reasonable market price.

When you want to sell a home is very important to consult a real estate agent who can make a fair assessment of the property to be given at a right market price.

Factors that may affect the price of a property are multiple and often - with the exception of a few common aspects - people tends not to consider them and analyze them carefully enough, especially during the purchase.  
These variables can be divided into two major types: the objective factors and subjective factors.   Let's look some:

Factors Objectives

The objective factors consist of features measurable and universally recognized by the common standards relating to a property.   Mainly we have to consider:

  • Type: apartment classified as residential, will get a very different assessment than a similar classified as - for example - popular or rural.
  • Size: as is well known, the square footage is one of the two factors that most affect the final price.   In principle, the larger the surface area of ??the property, the higher the price though.   due to market developments of recent years, a greater magnitude could result - in some cases - in greater savings.
  • Membership area or district: the second factor, in close correlation with Square meters, which heavily determines the final price of the property.   In areas of greater prestige or with a greater range of services, the price per square meter will be higher than in neighborhoods considered peripheral.
  • Year of construction and quality of the building: it is important to check the year of manufacture but also the general state of the building.   Pay attention to the condition of the common areas (staircases, courtyards, gates, railings) and that of the prospectus.   Non-optimal conditions can mean extraordinary maintenance costs in the short to medium term, thereby affecting the value of the property.
  • Age: After checking the external conditions, it is wise to carefully analyze the internal ones.   Attention, therefore, visible to the factors but also to those "invisible" as - for example - the electrical systems and hydraulics.
  • Floor: the height in which is placed the property affects the price, especially in the presence or absence of a lift within the building.   Tended, the lower floors have the best of evaluations while the second storey over suffer from considerable devaluation when there is absence of a lift.
  • Heating: we've all heard at least once, the term "climate control".   An independent heating system rather than centralized will obviously have a positive impact on the valuation of the property.
  • Exposure and noise: the classic "overlooking" (there is a big difference on having the windows overlooking a park rather than a light well) and, consequently, the proximity to roads more or less busy and noisy, have a important impact on the price.   Please direct special attention to areas seemingly quiet but that could be some surprises markets as magazines or journals
  • Type of Parking and Public Transportation: contrary to what you may think, the evaluation of this factor should not stop at the mere presence of a garage or allocated parking space.   It can make a difference is the presence of unassigned parking spaces, with free parking zones in close proximity, the ease and possibility of parking in the street of competence but also the proximity to any bus stops or subway stations and / or stations.
  • Energy Class: of great importance, the energy classes can range from A (best classification) to G (worst) and would influence the daily savings (the higher the class, the lower energy waste - thermal, electrical, etc..) And administrative savings (incentives and regulations based on area / class), then the total value of the property.  

Subjective Factors

The ones listed above are just some of the factors that affect the price.   These factors are objective.   But there could also be of subjective factors.   Subjective factors depend directly on the person willing to buy and, therefore, their needs.

For example, someone could make a greater value to an apartment that is close to the workplace or near the home of an elderly parent.  
For some, the proximity to a school could be a great value - having or expecting to have children who attend - while for others it could be a big disadvantage because of increased traffic congestion and noise generated during the scheduled time of entry and exit from lessons.

The basic tasks of the estate agent

The real estate agent has the duty to assist and guide you in the proper evaluation of all these factors is being sold in order to allow you to set a price that does not lead to appropriate and proportionate to the risk of not receiving the proposed purchase, both in during the purchase so that you may guide you towards the negotiations are most appropriate to your needs and optimize the financial and housing.  
Equally important will be the analysis of compliance and primary documentation, the agent will ask the seller a copy of the 'act of provenance, site plan, the' energy performance certificate required to be able to sell or lease, projects and building permits.

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